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Resilience & Wellbeing Training

Free your mind. Find your Mojo

Mindset Mojo is an exciting and innovative programme designed to deliver mental health resilience & wellbeing training across North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Designed and delivered by Jane Bellis, author of 'The Confidence Key', Mindset Mojo training is customised as a bespoke programme designed specifically for the unique need of the audience and can be delivered in two ways:


1) A full day interactive and engaging training workshop ideal for staff workplace training. A great starting point for defining your organisations wellbeing blueprint, empowering staff to take control of individual and collective resilience and wellness, sharing mental health first aid best practice, and creating peer mentors and ongoing strategies to reduce staff sickness and presenteeism, and increase positivity and productivity.

2) Spread over 6 weeks and split into smaller bitesize modules, Mindset Mojo is perfect for schools and other learning environments as a progressive course, developing peer mentors and co-producing strategies for cultural shifts for both students and staff. Can be delivered within PHSE lessons or as an extra curricular activity.

Content includes a fascinating insight into neuroscience, the mind-body connection, individual learning styles and personality types, mental health first aid, and take away resilience skills and strategies to combat stress, anxiety, depression ensuring a happy, inspired and more positive individual, workforce or school environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

By booking a Mindset Mojo corporate training workshop for your organisation you will be actively participating in corporate social responsibility by helping to fund sessions within our schools and vulnerable community groups.


Self-Worth. Empowerment. Focus

Full online course on the way for help during Covid-19 Lockdown!

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'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can  use to change the world' - Nelson Mandela