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Mindset Mojo is an exciting and innovative programme designed to deliver mental health resilience & wellbeing training & support when you need it. 

Designed and delivered by Jane Bellis, author of 'The Confidence Key', and 'The Art of Feeling Better', Mindset Mojo training is customised as a bespoke programme designed specifically for the unique need of the audience and can help a broad range of people in a number of ways:

Available as a 12 week innovative and engaging online course with regular interaction and support from Jane via email, zoom and Facebook peer support group. The knowledge, relatable information and practical take away tools and strategies can be implemented into anyone's life immediately, which makes it perfect for anybody who is going through periods of stress, anxiety or depression and friends, family, parents and siblings are welcome to work together on their journey to empowered wellbeing.

Specific programmes have now been developed for women in business, parents, young people, staff wellbeing,

and anxiety management.


Mindset Mojo Workplace Wellbeing has been designed specifically with staff and leadership wellbeing. A great starting point for defining your organisations wellbeing blueprint, empowering staff to take control of individual and collective resilience and wellness, sharing mental health first aid best practice, and creating peer mentors and ongoing strategies to reduce staff sickness and presenteeism, and increase positivity and productivity. Specific elements have been designed to be used as a support tool within Schools and Education providers, for both teacher and student resilience and wellbeing in line with new curriculum requirements.

Content includes a fascinating insight into neuroscience, the mind-body connection, individual learning styles and personality types, mental health first aid, and take away resilience skills and strategies to combat stress, anxiety and depression ensuring a happy, inspired and more positive individual, workforce or school environment.

Jane is also available for bespoke one to one strategic life coaching, resilience training and trauma healing using a combination of CBT, NLP, Kinetic Shift, EFT and energy psychotherapy depending on individual needs.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

By booking a Mindset Mojo corporate training workshop for your organisation you will be actively participating in corporate social responsibility by helping to fund sessions within our schools and vulnerable community groups.


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