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A Message from Jane

Mindset Mojo is a unique and innovative programme created to combat modern day mental health and inclusion issues faced within our day to day lives, our families, our workplaces, communities and schools.

Focussed on raising self-esteem and confidence, empowering individuals, organisations and communities to reach their true potential, and providing bespoke interactive courses, workshops, talks, seminars and resources which allow laser focus towards a positive, inclusive and exciting future for our current and future generations.

Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth is at an all time high and we are at breaking point, with Social, Health and Police services stretched beyond capacity and mental health, low aspirations, drug & alcohol addiction, eating disorders, self harming and suicide becoming tragically commonplace.


Unemployment and staff absenteeism due to stress, anxiety and depression with millions of pounds worth of lost days. Pupils disengaging with education and teachers unable to deliver crucial wellbeing strategies to get to the root of the problem. - we are at crisis point.


Mindset Mojo is designed to give people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the skills and tools needed to re-programme their mindset from negative to positive and find their Mojo.


We live in a time where the pressures of modern day living, financial hardship and constant judgement when we don't measure up to societies unrealistic and unattainable expectations, something has just got to give.


 People have been suffering in silence all this time, scared to speak out and be ridiculed, never feeling quite adequate enough to measure up to what they are presented with in the media - always comparing their lives with other peoples highlights show-reels on social media, and never really understanding others perspectives, life choices and differences.

The result has been a catastrophic failure by us all. The Media, fashion & beauty industry for their constantly manipulated and un-attainable images, The Government & Institutions for their constant stream of broken promises and manipulation to meet their own ends, and of course ourselves. We adults, casually brushing these issues under the carpet and failing to understand and educate ourselves so that we may support, nurture and pass on that knowledge of tolerance, empathy and understanding to our future generations.

Surely if we can start to rebuild all that is broken, slowly but surely - educating and inspiring people to understand all of these things, be true to themselves and their needs and adopt a more empathic and tolerant view on other peoples lives and choices then we can start to shift the balance back into a more positive and uplifting place.

Sounds too simple? 

It is.

Social change comes from the passion of individuals. Together we are unstoppable.

Jane Bellis - Founder

2016-06-30 19.12.13.jpg

Mindset Mojo is designed to deliver fun and interactive mental health resilience & wellbeing training and life enhancing coaching strategies, in small bitesize courses & resources.

Using a combination of neuroscience, mindfulness techniques, creative therapy and mental health first aid,  the aim is to educate, support, raise self esteem, inspire and boost confidence.

Using a relaxed and relatable delivery style combined with practical activities and takeaway strategies including video and print resources, you can work through any issues holding you back, break through barriers and flip that mindset switch from negative to positive.

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