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With over 20 years collective experience in the fashion & beauty industry, Art & Soul Tribes Chiefs make up our Self Esteem Dream Team, running body confidence events and talks throughout the year. From Personal presentation, body confidence, nutrition & fitness and dressing to suit your body shape, the team have something to offer everyone with their primary focus on raising self esteem and reducing mental health issues in women, men and children.

Mental Health

The Black Dog Project is made up of volunteers from all walks of life, from mental health professionals to individuals who have walked the walk to share advice, support and practical help to anyone and everyone who needs an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to raise you up.


We truly believe in loving hearts and not parts. Whether we are straight, gay, transgender, gender fluid - who cares! We are human. We don't define ourselves or each other by our sexuality and encourage others to do the same.

Our LGBTQ+ non-discriminatory page is a multifunctional, all inclusive network.


Whether you are a member of the LBGTQ+ community, a friend/family member, parent or simply wish to extend your knowledge on providing a welcoming atmosphere- this is the place for you!


In today's society it is not longer necessary to hide behind social constructs and we believe that every being deserves to have a sense of belonging.


So unzip that outer layer and reveal your inner self! Join our beautiful community and embark on your own journey of love!


- Vicki 'Silver' Smith

People. Planet & Animals

To underpin and embed the social change messages we promote in our shows and educational events we feel that our people, planet & animals community projects prove our commitment to social change extends far and wide into every aspect of life.


Our dedication to build a better tomorrow for every heart that beats, human or otherwise is demonstrated by the empathy, love and support shown in everything we do.

Anti-Bullying & Anti Hate-Crime

We believe in everybody's right to choose their own path. To live the life that makes them happy without fear of ridicule or violence.

Whether your choice of partner, how you choose to decorate yourself, your hobbies, or the kind of music you like to listen to. You are amazing because you are YOU - dont' let anyone dull your sparkle due to their lack of education.

We support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and all of their brilliant work in Hate Crime Education. Our Sophie tribute section in the show continues to hit home and draw an emotional response from our audience so we hope that people return to their homes with a little more tolerance and love in their hearts.

We continue to work with Art & Soul Tribe to spread this message and send our

love to Sylvia & the team, and Robert and his family.

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