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Ask yourself this question and find out a deep secret about yourself!

I'm going to be bringing you some regular empowering questions to help you on your journey and here is the first one - it's a corker!

Are you more concerned with how your life looks than how it feels?!

What a great question! Most of us are so preoccupied with making sure our lives look great on the outside, with an endless tirade of perfect social media posts, just so people know how well we have our sh*t together - when we actually feel like we're freefalling, on fire, into an abyss of chaos.

Learning to paint that smile on and keep the poker face of 'I'm fine' welded on has been a lifetime of clever crafting, programmed in from endless hours of interactions with other humans who are equally as emotionally traumatised and confused as we are, but nevertheless make us believe that we are somehow inadequate, not measuring up, abnormal, unlovable and unworthy.

Once we step out of that space and take a good hard look at what's really going on. Bring what's been hiding in the shadows out into the light and spend some time working through it - learning what really makes you happy and inspires you, and uninstalling that pesky programme that makes you feel as though what you really want and need out of life is somehow 'wrong' or 'bad'.

Spend some time this week pondering this question and journaling your thoughts - you will be surprised with what comes up, and will have taken the first step to rewriting your story.

If you need a little more help then you can head over to my 'Freeing yourself from the Perfection Trap' mini course, which i've just discounted down by a whopping 75% to just £39.50 (can you really afford not to?!)

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