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2018/2019 Plans

With our 2018 Pilot scheme well under way, we have tested out various workshop styles at a secondary school, a sixth form college and a special school and are looking forward to visiting our chosen primary school in September!

Feedback from students, teachers and parents so far has been amazing and we can't wait to visit more schools in 2019

We can offer 1 hour sessions, half day and full day workshops which can include presentations and inspirational stories from a diverse range of people, videos and question and answer sessions, fun interactive exercises, and can also include some practical skills from our 'Self Esteem Dream Team' including:

* Flashmob with our Choreographer

(excercise & movement with a positive message)

* Hair/Makeup/Personal Presentation with Creative Director of New York Fashion Week

(self-esteem and self awareness)

* Design your own unique Tshirt with our Fashion Designer

(creative skills & diversity awareness)

* Poetry/Spoken Word/A Capella Vocal coaching/Acting/Circus skills with one of our guests presenters

(blending soft skills with creative, confidence building and self awareness)

The cost per day is £1000 and we are working fiercely to secure government, grant and CSR funding so that we may offer these amazing, much needed days free at point of delivery. We have been working with whole year groups, giving a cost per pupil of just £6.25 in many cases.

If you would like us to visit your school sooner and are able to meet some or all of the cost, or would like to suggest a particuar grant, scheme or fundraising idea to help us with our mission please get in touch!

During the summer holidays of 2019 we are working on a festival day in order to bring together our communities and engage all of the youngsters we have worked with during term time, encouraging them to bring along their families and friends (and of course teachers and staff!) - can you imagine the positive impact of a giant 'Self-Esteem Flashmob'?!

You can help make it happen!

Get in touch today!

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