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Self Esteem Dream Team

Body positivity & Diversity

We work closely with Art & Soul Tribe's 'Self Esteem Dream Team'  to campaign against the set back of society’s views and pushing forward with positivity and love.


All for acceptance, honour, loyalty and peace.


Beauty is everywhere: it’s in the way we see, speak, feel, act. Beauty is in the grace in our step and the openness of our hearts. Beauty is in the darkness of shadows and the light of souls. 

We are on a journey of development; for ourselves as individuals, for society as a whole and for you reading this. 

Labels can be demeaning, derogatory and discriminative. Don’t let them rule your life, don’t be a label. Be yourself, set your soul free and join us on a journey of self promotion. 

Everyone is accepted here - your external packaging and lifestyle choices do not define you,they are just another part of what makes you uniquely beautiful.


As long as you have a good heart, a pure soul and honest intentions you are welcome in our family.


Come join us and be a part of the greatest journey you may ever take. Who knows, you may just find yourself on the way.

With love, honour and acceptance


- Vicki 'Silver' Smith


"It is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences"

The Self-Esteem Dream Team love to make people feel great. With regular body confidence workshops and talks throughout the year you can access tips and advice on peronal presentation, confidence, posture and presence, dressing for your body shape, and fitness & nutrition so make sure you join us at their next event!

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