Jane Bellis is the Chief Executive for Art & Soul Tribe CIC, author of The Confidence Key, and Founder of Mindset Mojo.

With 25 years industry experience within the Fashion, Beauty & Media industry, her aim is to create long term social change by talking openly and honestly about mental health and all kinds of difficult social issues, encouraging confidence,  self esteem and compassion for self and others, empowering people with the resilience and emotional intelligence skills that are essential for navigating the stresses of modern day life.

After retraining in mental health resilience and first aid, strategic life coaching, and developing her 10 year energy psychotherapy techniques Jane has spent the past two years blending these together with her extensive experience in leadership & management, safeguarding & child protection.


With the addition of Kinetic Shift, CBT, NLP and EFT practitioner training and the launch of her first book 'The Confidence Key', Jane has been busy refining Mindset Mojo to cover a variety of issues and needs, from a whole school year group resilience session for PHSE, or a staff mental health training day, to a one to one course designed specially for the student with a combination of therapies to allow people to move past trauma, anger and fear and into a positive space of confidence, strength, inspiration and resilience.

Mindset Mojo is an innovative, comprehensive and universal programme designed as a result of public need.

Aligning with the five ways to wellbeing and working with the key steps in Jane's book, blended with fascinating Neuroscience, CBT & Mindfulness techniques, and the emotive power of the Creative Arts, this exciting and interactive programme will deliver inspiring, motivating and focussed information, self help tools and resources based on Leadership & Management techniques, Psychological research, and modern Eastern Mindset philosophies and techniques.

Working in fusion these elements help the user to gently identify core issues and emotional blocks that are holding them back and re-programme their mindset from negative to positive, helping them to make good choices rather than poor excuses.

A bespoke approach means that content can be delivered as a full day workshop or as a 6-12 week course including highly interactive and fun practical activities both online and in person, with take home workbooks and resources for optimum mental health and wellbeing.

We all have a Mental Health as well as a Physical one, and everything we feel, think and do in our lives is governed by that amazingly complex computer between our ears.

So why do we not give it as much attention as we do our Physical Health? Having a good balance is the key.

Living in a society that profits from our self doubt, loving ourselves has become an act of rebellion and there is no more proof than our over stretched NHS, Social and Police services.


Bullying, Hate Crime, Depression, Suicide, Self Harming and Addiction are everywhere we look with no clear strategy to tackle these highly emotive and complex issues.

Teachers unable to cope with increasing  disruption in classrooms, Mental Health services at capacity and unable to keep all of the balls in the air, and Businesses losing millions in sick days from staff suffering with all kinds of stress related illnesses.

We have now reached a crucial time to act with common sense, strength and compassion at the root of the problem and address the elephant in the room.

Years of social conditioning along with modern day technological advances mean that we are presented on a daily basis with unrealistic and unattainable expectations, which has a hugely detrimental affect on our mental, and in turn, our physical health.

It's time to show everybody, regardless of their age, skin colour, gender or back story, that they don't have to cram their sparkly star shaped selves into societies beige square boxes. They are worthy of love, acceptance and tolerance no matter what, and should be encouraged to let their true light shine.

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