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The Black Dog Project

We realise that most people experience mental health issues from time to time, and work hard to break the stigma and get people talking.


From a non judgemental ear to listen so that you can unburden, to practical solutions, self help tools and links to external organisations and helplines we want to make sure that nobody feels alone.

You can scroll down to read below some of the stories, advice and self help techniques from our members and feel free to connect to chat or check out some of our recommended websites below.

We have an awsome team running our mental health support network - from experienced professional support workers to offer practical help, advice and useful links, to members of Art & Soul Tribe who have walked the walk and overcome the daily challenges faced when living with the Black Dog.

Please connect with us on our social media page using the link below for live chat and personal messaging, and take a look at the following organisations that we recommend.

The Samaritans


Anxiety UK

Mental Health Foundation

Food for the brain (Depression & Nutrition)

Young Minds (Youth mental health issues)

Self Harm Support

Eating Disorder Help

Please don't suffer in silence. You are never alone

If there's one thing we want you to take away from here, one pearl of wisdom, one crucial piece of advice, it's that no matter how desperate things may feel, no matter the circumstances - you are not alone.

There is always someone to talk to, to share the burden and listen in a non judgemental way, and that alone can sometimes be the lifeline you need.

Our amazing support team have all experienced their own personal struggles and have a wealth of experience to share.

You can meet the team and read all about their journeys and the coping methods and strategies that have worked for them below. 

Jasmines Self Help Techniques

 I've had a lot of personal experience with anxiety. I've tried lots of different techniques and tips for overcoming my anxiety and nervousness. The thing I've found most effective is breathing. Seems so simple, but you may notice this yourself. When I get anxious my breathing gets shallower. Sometimes I'll notice I haven't taken a breath in a while. There are a few different methods I've linked a few below for you to try, make sure you find one that you like. I find doing about 20 minutes a day has really helped my anxiety levels. Then if I suddenly get into a situation that triggers my anxiety I can put into play the breathing techniques and deal with the situation better.

Jasmine speaks out:

'Society teaches us to casually condition our kids into very damaging behaviour. The little girls brought up to think all they should want from life is to get married and serve our men. The little boys taught that it's fine to hit and push and insult someone because they fancy them. The little girls told to let the boys actions slide because he fancies her. The little boys told boys not to cry. No wonder everyone's so messed up. This behaviour needs to stop.

Inch's Blog

Hey homies

My name is Inch, welcome to my blog

So here's the thing, I am a guy who's fast approaching 40 & I have lived with mental illness for as long as I can remember. I have a few disorders or as I like to call them my alphabet soup descriptions, you know "ADHD", "PTSD", "MDD" & so on...... Now I'm not really the kind of guy who likes to put himself into a box so unless people ask me for specifics I just like to say they my brain is wired differently to a typical A Neural brain because these descriptions are for others to help them understand not me.

This blog will be an honest & open account about my battles & struggles with my mental health & the things that I do to help me win or cope with these.
It will also be a place where I will share links, helplines, forums & other useful information.

Let me be clear though from the start I AM NOT a qualified mental health professional & I'm not offering any advice, I am just a guy who wants to share his story in the hope that it will help someone else to see that they are not alone in their struggle.

I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it.

You have spent enough time at war with yourself, it's time to call the troops home & begin the peace process.

Stay frosty beautiful people & I'll see you soon 🖤

One step at a time

'Sup Homies

So it's that time of year when the days get shorter & the nights get longer & for a lot of people this is where the challenge begins. So I'm going to share with you some of the things that I do to help me get through.

You are probably not drinking enough water!!
Sounds simple enough but just sitting around all day drinking tea & coffee or pop isn't healthy & doesn't help your liver & kidneys do their job properly to remove toxins from your body.

When was the last time you had a wash/shower/bath or brushed your teeth??
Let's be honest most of us when we are struggling either stay in bed rotting away in our own filth or just move ourselves to the couch to rot away in front of the TV & completely bypass our own hygiene.
When you wake up force yourself to have a shower/bath, it's not going to cure you but what it will do is stop you from smelling like a sweaty sock & make you change the clothes you've been wearing for five days straight ‍️

Open your curtains/blinds & let some light into your house!!
Sitting in darkness 24/7 makes you tired & drains your energy & in times like these you need that energy to help you focus on getting better.

Tidy your house & open a window!
This is a hard one I know & it will take a lot to tackle the pile of dishes/washing that's just been stacking for days, but it will be worth it. When you're sitting around in your own mess it adds to the stress & negative thoughts & feelings towards yourself. If nothing else it will stop your house from smelling because let's be honest it probably does.

Go outside & get some fresh air!
You've probably been locked away in your house/flat/room for days now so go out, even if it's just for 5 minutes & breath.

Try & eat well!
When we are struggling we tend to eat comfort food like crisps, chocolate, biscuits & skip meals. Try & replace these things with fruit & nuts because even if your skipping meals at least you'll be getting vitamins & protein.

Let's be honest sitting around binge watching Netflix & eating junk food wallowing in self-pity when you haven't showered in five days & cant remember when you last brushed your teeth isn't going to make you feel better.
Clean yourself up, clean your house up, deal with the basics first. Take it one step at a time.

Victim to Warrior Mentality

Sup homies 🖤

So I've been struggling really bad just lately & im finding it increasingly hard not to fall into the "victim mentality" again. You know the whole "woe is me the universe is working against me shit" If your not familiar with this concept here's a few signs of "victim mentality"

"You are constantly blaming other people or situations for you being/feeling miserable"

"You are constantly putting yourself down"

"Even when things go right you find something to complain about"

"You feel/believe you're powerless to change your circumstances"

"You are cynical or pessimistic"

Here's the harsh truth,
All of your complaints, finger pointing, moaning/whining/whinging, excuses, drama & your "victim mentality" have never got you one single step closer to where you want to be!!!

To often we define ourselves by the worst of our past, the things we got wrong, the things others have done to us that we never saw coming. We see the person that these things happened to & we focus on that person the "victim" because it's easier than accepting responsibility & accountability for where you go from here, yes bad things/situations may have happened to you but that is not who you are.
You are the person that has survived that situation & is still alive now to talk about it, when you adopt the "victim mentality" you dilute & surrender your potential & power to change your circumstances. You will never be who/where you want to be until you stop blaming others for who/where you are now, you can't be committed to your bullshit & your personal growth at the same time...... it's one or the other!?!?

Don't let your struggle become your identity or excuse for not getting/being where you want to be......

Own your shit & be proud of all the obstacles you've overcome to get this far.......

Stay frosty beautiful people......🖤

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